• Helpful Tips and Warnings

    Always arrange for a longer extension than you require if you are in the process of obtaining a work permit.  Paperwork in Vietnam can usually take longer than expected.

    If a company offers you a residency card without requiring a work permit… Don’t do it.  Residency cards are only valid if you have a work permit.

  • Temporary residency card

    Temporary residency cards can only be issued if you have a work permit for Vietnam.  1, 2, or 3 year permits are available depending on the length of your contract and work permit.  Contact us for a quote.

  • 5 year visa exemptions

    5 year visa exemptions can be arranged for overseas Vietnamese as well as foreigners that are married to Vietnamese.  A 5 year visa exemption allows you to stay in country for 3 months at a time.  After 3 months, you must leave the country or arrange an extension with immigration (which is easy to do).  If you need an extension, you will need to provide immigration with a form for the police to sign which states that you are registered with the police as well as the residency book of where you are living.  We can arrange the exemption for you as well as organize your extension.  Contact us for a quote.

  • Visa Renewals

    A visa renewal differs from an extension as it is a new visa sticker that is added to your passport. Visa renewals can be arranged to be multiple entry allowing you to go in and out of the country for the validity of the visa. Besides being able to arrange multiple entry status, renewals can later be extended, allowing you to

  • Visa Extensions

    There can sometimes be confusion as to what a visa extension is. An extension is simply a stamp in on your existing visa page which allows you to stay in Vietnam longer. Extensions are only single entry. If you leave the country then you need a new visa sticker. We offer 1 month or 3 month extensions.

  • Why use our services

    Our reputation is based on our expertise with visas. Visas can be a huge hassle during your holiday. We can arrange visa extensions or renewals for you so that you can get back to exploring the country. Immigration is constantly changing their rules. Contact us to get your visa questions answered